Is sustainability a priority during a crisis? Read the full interview with Lykkegaard A/S by Maritime Cluster Funen – part of Business Development Centre Funen (ErhvervshusFyn) here:

Interview: For many years, pump manufacturer Lykkegaard A/S has focused on making their production and products environmentally friendly. Recently, Lykkegaard started incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their processes and strategy. The aim is to be a responsible company, using a minimum of the Planet’s resources and to secure decent work and economic growth. But how does the corona crisis influence on the pump manufacturer? And is it still meaningful to discuss sustainability in a time of crisis? We have asked Louise Lykkegaard, and these are her keen answers.


What impact does the corona crisis have on your company? And to what extent?
– Basically, the corona crisis has not affected our company. On the contrary. For the last couple of months, we have seen a rise in our order flow. We do not know the reason for this development – but one theory could be that businesses have found time and peace to make important decisions and future plans. We have received an order for propeller pumps to a new, large land-based fish farm in Singapore, among others. Production at our Ferritslev site has not been affected by the corona crisis, apart from a few physical changes in our staff canteen.

Your company is focusing a lot on sustainability. What changes have you experienced during the crisis?
– During this crisis, we have been reassured that having local suppliers is very meaningful. Consequently, we have not been suffering from any lack of supplies or problems with securing materials for our own production. So we feel confident that our consistent strategy is right for us – also looking into the future.

– Furthermore, we are trying to support those in need, including local retailing. To support the local bakery, for instance, we have bought breakfast for our staff almost every day during the crisis.

Is it still meaningful to discuss sustainability in a time of crisis?
– Yes! As a manufacturer of long-lasting and energy-saving propeller pumps we play a small role on the big, worldwide scene to create a sustainable future. As a company, we want to lead the way through caring, decency and a consistent strategy to obtain a greener and more sustainable future.

When we can put the corona crisis behind us, the world will still be facing important challenges. Our high-performance propeller pumps are designed to circulate large volumes of water. And this is exactly what the world needs in order to overcome some of our future challenges, because:

– Climatic changes require drainage of vast areas, climate-proof cities and rural land in Denmark as well as abroad.

– The production of food and consumer goods generates large volumes of effluent that needs to be cleaned before discharged – to protect our lakes, rivers and oceans from pollution.

– Plastic and other pollution are floating around in the ocean affecting the natural fish population. Therefore, it would be advisable to set up production of fish and other foods in land-based tanks, thereby controlling the cleaning process of waste and sewage of the surrounding landscape.

We intend to continue our investment in a more sustainable production and products with a long operating life, thus contributing to the improvement of the worldwide changes we are all facing.

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