Corrosion-resistant Lykkegaard propeller pumps for Canadian Aquaculture

Lykkegaard will supply 16 large corrosion resistant  PE propeller pumps to Canada, where they will be part of an advanced fish farming facility. The pumps must work in salt water, which is why the highest priority for the customer is that the pumps can work in aggressive environments without corroding.

The first eight pumps are ready to be shipped to the Canadian island of Newfoundland. And in the new year, eight more pumps are on the way.

The pumps are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) and are of the type LM Salt 400/500 – PE. The pumps have a output of 395 l / sec. v. 3.5 M / Vs.

Our innovative corrosion resistant pump solution, is developed for the fish farming industry in particular, where the pumps are usually working under challenging conditions in aggressive water with high temperatures and salinity.

With our PE-pump made of the extremely durable, reusable and low-noise material HDPE – fish farmers can get a guaranteed 100% corrosion-resistant, stable pump solution and avoid unnecessary downtime.

The Lykkegaard PE-propeller pump can be mounted in water with a salinity of 500-40.000 ppm and water temperatures of up to 30 °C.

Lykkegaard A/S manufactures customised propeller pumps, supplying our customers with optimal performance and the most energy-efficient, cost-efficient and reliable pump solutions. Lykkegaard propeller pumps are axial pumps, used when there is a need for high-performance circulation of large volumes of water, at low pressure and relatively low head. Output: from 15 l/sec. to over 4.000-5.000 l/sec. – representing a volume of 18.000 m3/h or more. The propeller pumps are with dry installed IEC standard Motors and water-lubricated rubber bearings so no electric motor parts are under water, which are easier to service and reducing the risk of giving off heat or pollution to the water. All pumps are designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark, by our skilled specialists with comprehensive know-how.

December 6, 2019

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