Check valve

LM check valves are intended for providing security against return flow in pipelines where the water level is variable at the place of outflow e.g. into the sea or into a stream. The valves are not intended for being built into a pipeline – only to be placed at the end of the pipeline.

The check valves are provided with two dual-linked hinges that are made on the basis of geometrical principles. This provides sufficient shut-off power towards the valve seat. Even with an impurity between the surfaces at the top at the hinge, the flap closes tightly to the closing surface at the bottom. Moreover, the closing surface on the valve pipe is provided with a synthetic rubber packing with a long service life.

The valves are delivered in various materials. Galvanised steel is the most commonly used material but various types of stainless steel are also used in many cases. Alternatively, the valves can also be delivered in synthetic material, e.g. as equalising valves in the bottom of tanks.

Galvanised standard valves for PVC and concrete are always standard articles and the assortment has a minimum of 10 different sizes for the most common pipe sizes.

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