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Efficient pump solutions

For generations, Lykkegaard A/S has supplied highly efficient and reliable propeller pumps to e.g. shipyards, the processing industry and the paper industry. In these industries, it is important to be able to move large quantities of filtered water quickly and efficiently and that is exactly our core competence.

An investment in new pump solutions is not only a question of the technical ability of the solution.
Our focus is also on operating efficiency, life expectancy and service costs. Therefore, the Lykkegaard propeller pumps do in fact also contribute to securing stable economy of performance so that our customers can always be competitive within their field.


All our components are made to deliver maximum operating efficiency, which makes the Lykkegaard propeller pump one of the pumps with the highest capacities in the market. In addition, Lykkegaard A/S is a leader in the design of propeller pumps where the simple design secures minimum maintenance and operating costs.

The core of our pump solutions is the specially designed propellers and pump housings that are delivered in cast iron, Duplex steel, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or bronze as required.


Often the pump is the heart of the business of our customers. This is so both within public utilities, industry and agriculture as well as shipyards and the mining industry. Therefore, our long-standing experience of pumping and circulation of water is essential. Our designs are always based on minimum wear of the pumps and all Lykkegaard propeller pumps are tested and the highest possible standards are ensured for them at our own test facilities on the basis of exactly defined criteria.


Our services concern not only Lykkegaard pump solutions but also the pumps of other manufacturers – e.g. at power plants. With our local presence and international expertise in pump technologies, we can provide service to all kinds of installations, whether standardised or advanced. Moreover, we stock many spare and wearing parts and from our central warehouse we offer the Nordic markets a 24-hour delivery service for common parts.

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