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Efficient draining of rain water and surface runoff

As will be known, water is a prerequisite for life. But we also see large challenges with water, especially when it comes to climate changes that appear in the form of ever larger quantities of rain.

The large, heavy quantities of water mean that we need to think innovatively when surface runoff and rain water is to be drained off. Worn drainage systems give an increased risk of floods and result in a heavy strain on our water environment – not only in the cities but also in open landscapes. Therefore, efficient and reliable solutions are needed that can prevent this damage from arising.

Drainage and dike associations

For generations, Lykkegaard A/S has provided drainage and dike associations with reliable pump solutions. In Denmark, we have installed several thousand pumping plants and thereby we contribute to affording protection against floods that are expected to grow in number in future. We have dialogues with drainage and dike associations on a daily basis. These associations want to afford protection against floods on behalf of homeowners’ associations, summer house and recreational areas.

Farms and estates

We have many years of experience in manufacturing pump solutions for drainage tasks that cover both farms and estates. Lykkegaard A/S not only delivers new pump solutions; we also have substantial expertise in servicing and maintaining existing pump solutions. More than anybody else, we know the importance of being in control of production and therefore we always identify ourselves with the situation of our customers – both in relation to finances and as regards protection.


Safe and proper treatment of rain and waste water is essential for public health. Therefore, there is good reason to have attention for detail when doing the preparatory work and choosing the right pump solution when large quantities of water are to be disposed of quickly. Here it is a question of large volumes and relatively low pumping heads and in that case propeller pump solutions are the optimum choice. We also provide reliable solutions for pumping stations and lock systems. By combining our competences in the field of manufacture of propeller and screw pumps we can offer complete solutions for the transportation of clean water and return sludge.

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