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Lykkegaard Test Center

In 2007 Lykkegaard decided to replace existing test facilities with the most advanced testing equipment available for big size pumps. You can easily build a test facility for small pumps but if you are pumping 3 or 4 m3 per second, it is a completely different set-up…


In 2008 the new Lykkegaard Test Center was built.

The center is a Ø20 m concrete tank, 4 meter deep and contains approx. 1 mill liters of water.

The tank is divided in two section and has separate test installation for steel pumps and for HDPE-pumps.


A range of suppliers of testing equipment were contacted and scrutinized and finally a USA company, Honeywell, was chosen as this company has many years of experience with this particular tasks.


The Lykkegaard Test Center is unique for Denmark and is being used by a number of Lykkegaard partners as well as some public institutions.  


Lykkegaard pump curves


Propeller Pumps for Norway


Propeller Pump for Helberskov in Denmark


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