Think ahead

If you take a long-term perspective as we do you will probably agree with us that the value of any solution is to be assessed over the whole of its life. At least, that is the starting point for us.

At Lykkegaard A/S, we have manufactured propeller pumps since 1883 – not standard products but customised solutions. That means that we dimension and manufacture pumps in close dialogue with our customers. Before the pumps are delivered, they are tested and certified and we ensure the highest possible standards for them based on defined criteria.

That means that we can deliver operating efficiency that is among the best in the market measured at the point of operation. Plus, substantial energy and resource savings and unequalled operational reliability.

At the same time, we can secure complete accordance with the actual needs of the individual customer and minimise maintenance and repairs. This means that our customers can concentrate on carrying on their business many years ahead without interruptions occurring at inopportune moments.

That kind of independence and stability is important in our opinion; also when it comes to us ourselves. We are a family-operated specialist enterprise with a passion for precision work, attention to details, integrity and reliability. We intend to stick to that, also in the long term.