The UN Sustainable
Development Goals

Co-operation on sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: For many years, Lykkegaard A/S has invested in environmentally friendly production and products, but needed a partner to help them describe their achievements and to set new goals. Supporting their efforts to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Amilkon – already assisting in phasing out dangerous chemicals and securing their machinery – continues to be their close partner.

Pump manufacturer Lykkegaard A/S is one of the companies that make use of Amilkon’s guidance on working environment, sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For 12 years, the founder of Amilkon, mechanical engineer Søren Jensen, has been their regular consultant and external safety manager. Even though Amilkon has only existed for 2½ years, Søren’s experience in consultancy and working environment goes back 18 years. Likewise, Else Marie Kristiansen from Amilkon has assisted Lykkegaard in connection with their chemical working environment. Else Marie is a skilled chemical engineer and climate coordinator working with climate action plans and CO2 accounts.

Karsten Lykkegaard, Managing Director and fourth generation in the family business, has been working for many years to make their production and products environmentally friendly, but needed a partner to describe the achievements and to set new goals. Therefore, he contacted Amilkon, and this was the beginning of a fruitful co-operation to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals in work flows and strategy.

– We highly appreciate our relationship with Amilkon. Like us they are passionate about their business and specialists in particular fields, and they understand our situation and identity – and our needs, says Karsten Lykkegaard.

Fifth generation, Louise Lykkegaard, is Brand Manager and project facilitator. The project goes in line with her passion for sustainability and former working experience in communicating on recycling and ecology.

– The fundamental values in our almost 150-year-old company are about minding the details, taking responsibility and performing together. We set long-term goals and take responsibility to use a minimum of the Planet’s resources and to make our global footprint as neutral as possible. We want to do even better than today, which is why we are working with Amilkon to set new goals for the future, says Louise Lykkegaard. Read more about Lykkegaard A/S.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals on Responsible Consumption and Production

– Together with Louise I have concluded that Lykkegaard should start by focusing on Global Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production – and Global Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, because, in-house, they will be able to make an important difference there.  – At the same time, their energy-saving and long-lasting propeller pumps are making a positive impact in the rest of the world, protecting cities and rural areas against flooding due to climate changes, Else Marie Kristiansen explains and continues: – I have described how they are already working with energy-saving measures and waste separation, for instance. Right now, we are investigating the possibilities of renewable energy and setting specific goals. Then their progress will be measured and documented. This is a very exciting project, and I am convinced that a lot of other companies will follow and take responsibility to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable future.

Working environment is, however, still the core business of the young company Amilkon, who has been authorized by the Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet) to undertake jobs in all five areas (physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and psychosocial).

Businesses contact Amilkon for various reasons – because they are facing an inspection from the Danish Working Environment Authority and need to take care of their APV (workplace assessment), they are preparing for a new factory hall and need CE marking of their machines. Or they need an evaluation of their use of chemical substances and to measure the evaporation during various processes. They may also experience noise and acoustic problems in their office – and then Søren Jensen will come by with the measuring equipment needed and may suggest to install acoustic ceiling panels or other noise-reducing measures.

24.5.2019 Source: Ritzau

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