Grate cleaner

Like our pump solutions, the grate cleaner is characterised by designed simplicity, long life time and low operational costs, which secures better pump economy with an inlet that is always clean.

Most manufacturers manufacture grate cleaners with steel belts but we have chosen to use polypropylene (PP) which is both very durable and at the same time weighs less than steel. The endless belt consists of a large number of specially designed PP lugs (“fingers”). The fingers are hinged together by stainless steel rods and the relatively low weight of the belt contributes to reducing the energy consumption of the grate cleaner.

A hexagonal drive roller at the top of the grate cleaner slowly pulls the belt approximately half a metre per minute. A motor with a gear is installed on the drive roller. The gear between the motor and the drive roller is necessary for moving the belt as slowly as possible.

The least possible speed means the least wear to the belt. The bottom of the grate cleaner which is permanently under water does not have bearings, axles or other parts that could be damaged under the water. Instead the PP belt is moving on a rounded stainless steel plate.

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