Product news: High-performing corrosion-resistant propeller pump for aggressive seawater

Lykkegaard A/S recently developed and introduced our new high-performing PE propeller pump with an output of 800l/s– documented to be the best-performing pump in the market for aggressive water.

For the last 20 years, we have been developing an innovative 100% corrosion-resistant pump solution for the fish farming industry in particular, where the pumps are usually working under challenging conditions in aggressive water with high temperatures and salinity. The pump is made of the extremely durable material HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which is not only guaranteed to be corrosion-free, but also a very light and low-noise material. Propellers, hubs and shafts are made of duplex steel. The Lykkegaard PE propeller pump can be mounted in water with a salinity of 500-40.000 ppmand water temperatures of up to 30 °C

Our propeller pumps are axial pumps, used when there is a need for high-performance circulation of large volumes of water, at low pressure and relatively small head. The propeller pumps are with dry installed IEC standard Motors and water-lubricated rubber bearings so no electric motor parts are under water,which are easier to service and reducing the risk of giving off heat or pollution to the water.

Sustainable aquaculture

Lykkegaard A/S manufactures customised pump solutions with a long-term view. That is why we design and produce each pump for the needs of the individual project, and we test and certify all products before delivery to the customer. Therefore, we can also guarantee a high-quality, high-performing and high-yielding solution – and most importantly, our customers receive a reliable pump solution that will last for many years ahead. We guarantee a documented low energy consumption supplying our customers with the most energy-efficient and cost-efficient pump solutions – a sustainable choice – good for business and good for the environment.

We are pump technology specialists. Therefore, we act as consultants as well as suppliers for national and international projects. Every day, our propeller pumps support sustainable fish productions in both sea- and land-based fish installations across the world.

Lykkegaard A/S gives expert advice to customers and business partners on the optimal use of their pump solutions and on how to improve their business. If you need our guidance on a project right now, please contact us for a non-binding offer.

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