Pumps for aquaculture

Good circulation is decisive for profitable aquaculture

Fish farming has become an important factor in the food industry. Water is a natural part of the fishery production and therefore our core competence – conveyance of water – is in demand in this area.

Operating costs in the production may quickly become high and unnecessary. This affects the bottom line and does not create value. As all propeller pumps for aquaculture from Lykkegaard A/S are customised, these costs are minimised and therefore the cost is not only a reflection of the quality of the product but also a guarantee for low operating costs.

aquaculture in salty and fresh water

Aggressive seawater

We are specialists in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant propeller pumps for aquaculture.

Our solutions can be installed in water with 0.5 – 40‰ salinity and water temperatures up to 30° Celsius. Lykkegaard propeller pumps ensure the best circulation in sea and land-based installations, which also contributes to the fish thriving during the entire production process. Our pumps are manufactured in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with propellers, hubs and shafts in Duplex steel.

We have developed HDPE pumps for the floating aquaculture setup in Singapore (SAT)

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS systems)

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS systems)

Customised Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are in demand to a greater extent. We are experts on this and are often used as both consultant and supplier to  projects worldwide.

Lykkegaard propeller pumps for RAS systems  can deliver

  • high productivity,
  • operational reliability,
  • a long service life
  • a minimum of energy consumption.

These are some of the most essential arguments for sustainability and energy equations in your business models.

aquaculture fish farms at sea and in ponds

Fish farms at sea and in ponds

Our pump technology is recognised in the field of fish farming. Our product development and ideas as to technology are based on the idea that everything we do should be simple and easy to handle. The less complex our design of a pump solution for aquaculture is the more certainty our customers will have that the pump can always supply or remove the quantity of water needed in the fishery production at the lowest cost.

Products for Aquaculture

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