in the case of heavy cloudbursts

These days, the climate changes create new challenges and at several places investments are made in new dike and pumping systems so that the water can be led around built-up areas. As will be known, water respects neither municipal nor national borders and when heavy rain is falling, reliable pump solutions are required that can quickly and efficiently drain off the large quantities of water to the surrounding rainwater basins.

Flooded roads, filled-up drains, production shutdowns and water in the basement. We get more water from above and from the sea than we have been used to. This results in costs amounting to billions of kroner to an extent that society cannot afford. The increased quantities of water are not only something that is to be drained off in drainage systems or hidden behind a dike.

When the climate changes have the effect that thousand year floods happen every third year, the protection of buildings and areas against the consequences is urgent. Many towns and municipalities which are located close to water and wetlands therefore need large and reliable pumping systems that are able to handle enormous quantities of water.

Danish dwellings, offices and industrial properties resist the extreme weather considerably worse than do properties in countries such as Holland and France and the primary reason for this is that the Danish building standards and protection methods do not reflect the weather conditions that have become reality with the climate changes.

Basically, the fact is that building standards and protection measures are not to describe solutions on the basis of how the weather has been but how it will be in future and there is no shortage of warnings that action should be taken now. Investments are to be made in more sustainable solutions and this is both in relation to coast protection, climate adaptation and flood protection.

Two important parameters to consider before selecting pump solutions:

The pumps must be able to dispose of large inflows of water in a very short time and reliability which is a decisive competitive parameter.

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