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Service and consultancy

Our services concern not only Lykkegaard pump solutions but also the pumps of other manufacturers. With our presence and expertise in pump technologies we can provide service to all kinds of installations ranging from standardised to advanced ones. On account of our central warehouse, we can in many instances offer the Nordic markets 24-hour delivery service for spare parts and wearing parts of Lykkegaard pumps.


With more than 120 years of experience in the manufacture and servicing of pumps and backwater valves, we have a deep understanding of fluid dynamics. For generations, we have gained considerable experience in designing, commissioning and maintaining pump installations. All pumps we have delivered throughout the years are entered in our database and we contact customers on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are still satisfied with the solution.

We offer preventive condition checks and inspection schemes of our own and other makes. With professional analyses, repair and final checks we ensure that our customers get reliable service and extended service life of the pumps that we have serviced.


High operating efficiency, long service life and low operating and service costs are the three parameters according to which we have developed our pump solutions. Our pumps are not only sustainable investments as the effect of the high operating efficiency contributes to energy efficiency that saves money and also contributes to a positive effect on the environment.

With a thorough analysis of pump requirements, performance and dimensioning we calculate how customers can increase the efficiency of their system. This provides a professional overview in relation to operating and service life costs over time.

Through dialogue, we ensure not only that customers gain insight into the performance of the pumps. We also ensure that they are aware of the conditions for the correct dimensioning that is calculated so that it is certain that the pumps match the systems in which they are to be installed.

Test centre

An essential element of our development work is an ongoing test that all pumps are to undergo. As we only manufacture customised pump solutions, we have as a natural element set up our own test centre to be used for physical trial and testing of the pumps.

The facilities consist of a tank that is divided into two sections with separate test installations for steel pumps and for HDPE pumps. An important element of the facilities is built-in advanced equipment for capacity measurements of the performance and operating efficiency of pumps. The facilities contain a total of approximately 1 million litres of water.

The test centre is also used for testing complementary pump solutions and the facilities are also made available to various public institutions and collaborators.

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