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More than 100 years with Pumps

Founded 1883

The family company Lykkegaard Ltd. was founded 1883. Today it is owned and managed by the fourth generation, Mr. Karsten Lykkegaard, who took over 1994


Wind mills and pumps

The first products were combined wind mills and pumps for agriculture, as such pumps were able to supply water to the animals .

Later, the same type of pumps were used to reclaim land as wet areas were dewatered and could be used for agricultural cultivation.

Dewatering of land and flood control pumps are still a major part of Lykkegaard business and some 3000-4000 pumps are estimated to be in operation throughout Denmark. The oldest pumps are more than 70 years old, - also in these days Lykkegaard produced quality pumps.



The first pumps for aquaculture in Denmark were supplied in the 1930’ where availability of power supply became common. However, in the mid-1950’ and forward hundreds of pumps were supplied to Danish trout farmers. Today the aquaculture sector is a major part of the company’s production with sales of pumps to many modern trout farms and RAS.



Pumps powered by wind mills for Venezuela in 1939 became the start of Lykkegaard export. Since then, pumps have been exported to all continent on the Globe. In particular, the expansion of aquaculture production has become a major export driver and more than 40 countries have so far been served by Lykkegaard.


Production and innovation

A range of specialized machines, including the biggest lathe in Denmark, characterizes machinery. In the field of engineering the focus is design of propellers for customized pumps as well as working with partners on many types of water projects. An advanced test center for big size pumps plays a major role in R&D, product development and quality assurance.


Lykkegaard – Propeller Pumps World Wide

Today Lykkegaard is the World’s leading producer of low energy propeller pumps and the Company is also the World’s sole producer of axial HDPE-pumps which are very suitable for warm sea water and other aggressive substances.







Lykkegaard pump curves


Propeller Pumps for Norway


Propeller Pump for Helberskov in Denmark


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