The Company

Lykkegaard A/S



Karsten Lykkegaard



Karina Lykkegaard



Lars Bjerregaard



Jesper Degnemark Larsen



Jørgen Peter Wind



LM Lykkegaard A/S

Nyborgvej 35,

5863 Ferritslev,



Phone +45 6598 1316

Fax +45 6598 1565


The Company

More than 100 years

It is more than 100 years since the first pumps left the pump factory at Funen in Denmark and today the company is managed by fourth generation Lykkegaard.


Reliability and low electricity bills

Characteristic for Lykkegaard products is an exceptional high quality level with long life time and high reliability and where electricity bills are minimal.


Many applications

Lykkegaard has exported to more than 40 countries during the past 60 years, and customers are many and very different:  aquaculture, agriculture, industry, mining, power plants, water treatment plants, ships, flood control…etc., etc.


Innovation and  product development

Innovation, product development and quality assurance are the key words now and in future and this is materialized by building the most sophisticated test center in Denmark for big size pumps and the development of World’s only non-corrosive, axial pump in HDPE-material for warm sea water or other aggressive environment.




Lykkegaard pump curves


Propeller Pumps for Norway


Propeller Pump for Helberskov in Denmark


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