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Lykkegaard – a historical review

Since aquaculture was introduced in Denmark in the 1930’ies, Lykkegaard has been the domestic market leader, producing thousands of pumps for Danish fish farmers.


In the late 1940’ies the first pumps were exported and ever since, Lykkegaard has supplied pumps to fish farmers World wide.


In 2004, Lykkegaard also started to produce and export pumps made by High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for sea water aquaculture and Lykkegaard is so far the only producer in the World supplying this type of pump, which makes the company the World leader of pumps for aquaculture.

Historie 1910


Historie 2010


Lykkegaard pump curves


Propeller Pumps for Norway


Propeller Pump for Helberskov in Denmark


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